Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Prescribing to The Search

Bring out the glass tables, just got back and I've been changing.
Left with a wanderlust of something much more prescribing to the searching in my soul. Experienced left and rights, and the amount of miss has taken it's toll. Bring out the fables and the wine, eloborate tales of the devine. Time has up and left us dry, eyes seeking comfort in the sky. Absorbed the positive vibes of other lives, feeling like you've left an old life behind. Bring out the labels, try and condemn me. Came back the same with a hint of you don't know me. Filled to the brim with "..would you just hold me.."Bring out the love, I've already brought mine. Cast words on the table, let them sink and simmer in sublime. Submit to the idea of a future, submit to me. Let your heart meet mine. No matter the weather, it ain't that far. No mode of transportation to prohibit such efforts. The effects of this affection has got me tongue tied.

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