Monday, June 25, 2012

Lost On The Cuff Of The Galaxy

i'm having a hard time gathering my words, lining them up and getting them through. i've been having a hard time connecting the dots to my thoughts and all the things in between. the spaces are trying to eat me up, contain me, i cannot be contained - but i've honestly got no where to go right now. lost on the cuff of the galaxy, looking for some acid to take good care of me, wishing on stars that don't give a damn about me, reaching for things that just don't pertain to me. trying to fit in a puzzle that just doesn't got room for me, and i can't breathe - i'm having trouble seeing the air and i can't seem to get it inside of me. i'm slipping and i got no floor, no chores, no shore to call a home or to ignore because it's all ignoring me and i can't be seen, so tired of the scene. i'm a wreck without the ship, no loot to protect. the belongings have long washed away and i am out here on my neck, with no respect, and no dialect. i can't seem to speak. the words keep runnin' away from me.

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