Saturday, June 16, 2012

Sunshine Boy / Moonlight Girl

Sunshine boy with his lazer beam eyes, opening up the entire sky. 
Questioning what's got him so mesmerized, what gets him by? 
Casting shadows on your days, reaping the benefits, gettin' paid. 
Sunshine boy with his hot complexion, making faces in your direction. 
Catching your feet when your not looking, reflecting reflecting reflecting. 
Sunshine boy way up in the sky, has you drunk - rather high.. 
Sunshine boy with all his rights, is awfully afaird of the night. 
Moonlight girl and all her beauty, begging you to stay up late. 
Scattering stardust in your hair, making you feel so mighty. 
Showing you another way, making sure you don't love day.. 
Moonlight girl and all her devices, offering up all her goodies. 
Moonlight girl and all her connections, keeping you up all the way. 
Moonlight girl with her pleading shape, hovering light, finds her hiding place. 
Sunshine boy and all his powers, hasn't met his match. 
Moonlight girl and all her ways, hasn't had the time of day. 
The light has got to shine, a shine that has no light.

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