Thursday, June 16, 2011

It Started Here, It Won't End Here

it started here but it definitely wont end here. im going, going. i'm gone. it started here but believe me, it wont end here. you started with that and flip flopped to this and now that its started it sure wont end. you brought that up and i brought that down and it sure wont end there. it started there, here and now it will come again and it wont be over yet, not yet, not ever. i tried, you tried harder, yes. ill give you that. it might have started when you were there but i was here and when i got there it was still going, it wasnt over. it wont be over yet. not there not here, not now not now. i went there and you told me not too but i did. and you did nothing. you didnt shout or stammer you didnt raise your eyebrow at all the chatter. i went there and you didnt bother stopping me or going there with me and it may have started but we know its not over, not yet. and i fought it and you fought it but i raised my glass and brought it into a new light and you shook into the darkness, moved out of the way so you wouldnt be struck by the artificial lightening. i tried, and you tried harder. i pretended like it went away, not over, but away and you pretended just the same. we pretended this for days. you smiled at people in your way and i was crushing ice inside my head, and we went there, we pretended it was all away. and it started there, and again it started up. i felt the fire, melt that ice, and i felt you move there and i went there and tried again for you and you didnt bother, you liked the flame, the prettiness of it's warmth, but not the light it shone on your face and your lips would smack away the start of that flame just the same as the ice was chipping away in my brain and we started it. we went there and we didnt leave, but just brought it with us somewhere else and i was wearing that, and you were wearing that i didnt know what to say but i said somethings anyway. you said things too. said them to the things i said to you and i wasnt listening, just watching you. watching us start it up again and again, never getting to the end. i swerved, so you'd forget, and you swerved as if we were dancing and i forgot the steps on purpose but you picked them up and showed me how to move, and i tried and i tried and you tried harder. i dodged, you dodged too. i remembered to forget and you remembered to remember me. it started here but it wont end here. it wont. it just wont end.

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