Thursday, June 16, 2011

X-Nay On The Love Game, For Shame For Shame

A game of hot potato and the sudden moment when you think it might be worth your while. The pandemic of that saying, I told you so. And I was telling myself and everyone else was there, watching, telling each other - other things, things that maybe they should have been telling me.. Good idea. X-nay on the love game, for shame for shame. Jersey up and ready to lift weights, no spotter, and fell flat on my face. How beautiful this is, looking from the ground up. Funny thing is that it hurt more than I thought it would and ideally it didn't hurt at all. I made the decision to get up and go, to walk away once your brought out the smoke show. A verbal assault of conflicted bullshit, trying to have your cake and eat it too, ultimately, being bombarded with your conscience, mhm. You’re a little more human than I thought, and that just confuses the point that your heartless. Definitely time wasted, trying not to doubt you and doubting me the entire time. At battle of the self, making myself stay to easily melting the chains to get up and go. The perfect opportunity, and what did you think, I'll submit a resume in to you, right after the shrink, not even worth the time or the mind that I was trying to thaw, a piece of ultimately that was beyond raw, but it's actually okay, that we got rid of that now. I can stop being conflicted with the power to stay, around for just what I wanted, when you proved to be nothing of the sort, trust is like blackmail, the fight for it is empowering and once you've got even a sliver of it you can run to the top of a fiery building and try to make someone dance with the idea of trust. A broken little melody to a song that I cant stand, good thing I didn’t try and take a stand, boxing gloves off, I wasn't worth the challenge, challenged enough that I was still undermined. Catapulting what I've learned right into your face, they encourage to share and not hate, but I'm hating the fact that I was just a share, in your twisted little investment, and I'm not going to tolerate your open ended questions, your swimming for an apology and I don’t have it for you, your looking for that saying, like everything will be alright, but I'm not like you and im not about to trick you into something that sure as hell might, not even happen. You play this game well, and i thought you were a tool, a confused little piece of benefit, benefit of the doubt, that I gave up and watched be misused. Well can I get an applause for this wonderful act I was in. thank you, thank you, you're far too kind, never again.

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