Thursday, June 16, 2011

Will You Run Away With Me Tonight Beautiful

i miss you. and you havent even left yet, i mean not literally. i wake up, in the middle of the night.. in the early morning, and i stretch across the bed, hoping to grab onto you. and i dont. and i wont, and i havent. but silently, i have already marked that place beside me. ive reserved it. called dibs and wrote your name all over it. why wont you, why wont you lay your genius on me. let us be. not in this ship, this moderately acclaimed relationship, that everyone is boarding and unloading at all times, for all causes, without shame without reason. let us be. i want you to take advantage of me. press me. press my mind, my body, my soul. open me up. i want to open you up. close you. reopen, rewrap and ultimately regift you to myself because you always brand new, always something more. sparkling in the evening sunshine, when the moon decides to dance on my affection. i want you. and i will tell you now and forever, i want you. you doubt yourself, and us. i dont think you doubt me but you might but i think you doubt you more and i wish i could kiss your doubt away, make me smile, make me sad.. i know its not what you want to hear but i want you and i want all the things that come with it and i want to experience all of you. the good and the bad, i will have my bad times and my good may not always be to your par but i want you. i want you now and tomorrow and i wanted you before. let my desire, intensity, creativity, passion, lust and love link up with yours and paint this canvas, write our stories. forget it all.. forget these words and what they mean to me. let's go please. will you runaway with me tonight beautiful.

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