Thursday, June 16, 2011

Lately, The Words Are Heavy

Here. Were all here. You maybe there and you, there, and me here but ultimately, we are all here. Going. Were all going. Even those who remain slightly vibrating to the world. Were all going, not to the same space, same places, but we've all made a point of going. Even when it doesn't look like it. We have decided to go. Decisions. I've made them, got to make them, as do you and you and you but we all don't complain about them the same and it's not as easy as a game of spin the bottle. Please do though, spin the bottle and decide me. Joking. A fantastic device to say what we want without saying what we want. Want. I want I want I want. Need? Well it happens every once in a while, some need more than others, I prefer want. I want you is so much more powerful than I need you. I don't want to need you, and I don't need to want you. I simply want you. Like. We like what we like. Complete? What does that even mean. You can't ever be completed, there is always more. Dance. Just forget what I've said and dance with me, let's go back to that idea of spin the bottle. You, Me. Forget the bottle, you've got me spun, perfect. Let's get physical. Express our verbal contagion later, when the words aren't so heavy.

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