Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Lights in this Joint Remind Me of You

stuffing the key hole with all of your promises and picking the lock for air. the light in here reminds me of you and the way your staggered teeth catch your lip with you smile. you have this alligator dance that you swear is more like a flamingo and I'm ready to take you to the zoo to prove you other wise. it's Wednesday and your falling in love like a Saturdays night. the light in this joint, reminds me of you. dress me up and dress you down, silent cues that make us know just what to do. lipstick traces parts of your body, and what is the speed limit on those hands. lust is creeping into every parts of this room, the curtains are weigh down with a lusty flirt and the glasses are all rimmed with just the same. an action, and everyone is acting. pull it down, push it up, tighten that. shoulder back, lips part. ready for your famous walk. strutting what you think you've got in a room that doesn't care if you do or not, their taking whats left each and every one of them. taking turns, sharing words, experiences being passed along the room, a spin the bottle motion that is matching the motion in your head. thought sickness, you haven't felt this before, your considering the coincidence of this well played game, this staged out play, your fervency stain.

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