Thursday, June 16, 2011

We Want To Hear Those Coins Clink

Pushing the pennies and letting the creativity slide. Collecting the nickel in case the presentation hiccups down a different avenue. We've got time and you girls are dimes. A quarter of that with a quarter of this will cost you some pretty quarters. Not rich but we sure are loonies. And there's a toonie in my pocket, it might be a good day. Mix`n matching the bills. 5$ flights on a bogo seat, stranger right beside you and destination unknown. 10$ transactions and we'll be there shortly, paper work, minus work, leisure entourage and this won't define us. 20$ mayhem and impeccable swag. 50$ dares and a pocket full of tricks, expensive thrills for the broken hearted, a stunt you probably can't handle but the cash money gives you hope, hope for stupidity, hope for a better me. 100$ suicide and you believed what they told you. If their words were the currency, honey bee, you'd be so rich. Making money with your rumors and cashing in with your easygoing ways. Believing in tomorrow like yesterday didn't happen and today is a figment. Too ahead of the game, you've lost before you dressed, benched for the press, you've been conditioned to dance for coins and we want you to shake it baby, louder, we want to hear those coins clink.

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