Thursday, June 2, 2011

All The Same Chromosomes, Give or Take

An exchange of hellos. One bubbly like champagne, empty like the clouds but glowing. Another hello. A different style a different presentation. All the same chromosomes give or take a couple extra things here and there. A hunger for love and another with a love of lust, friendship. An interesting transition from nobody to somebody, a new chapter. A different kind of introduction. Words. For a while it's all words and paper based actions. It's all fun and all words but it all means something. The words slowly give way to actual actions, and the capabilities of these words; scare, excite, and entice you. A wind of hips from left to right, lip biting.. yours and mine. Rushing passion catching us in our dancing shoes. Eye contact, contacting much more than anything we've heard of. Bubbly champagne, suddenly heated. The intensity is real, no reason and not fleeting. Actions now playing a bigger role, words meaning exactly the way they are spoken. Crossing the line and double dipping, something in your mind has got you spinning, tripping on your conscience you sway left to right, little do you know I've already taken flight.
Caught up in the words you've spoken and the actions you've acted out. Little did I know your just confused as the rest, not knowing anyone or what they're all about. Playing Chicken with a empty heart and what you felt would be indifferent. Living in the past and I never went back. Say hello to yesterday for me because tomorrow is looking good and even if the games are played, I'm a neutral offset to your charades. No longer participating in your boost, I wish you all the best.

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