Monday, April 9, 2012

Bathtub Reasoning

there are no reasons and i cannot leave anything in this bathroom, there is no room, no room for all the things i want to leave, the new the old, the constant things that are always different and the same... there is a splash of something else coming into something old that is constantly changing and blooming into the new. old things, suddenly not so old - shed in a newer light, an undecided light that has made old things new again and again, time again.  the power of these things never stale, always embracing a little tighter a little lighter, always splashing things into you.. the feeling always resisting against your being, against your mind set, your place, where you are doesn't matter because things will happen there too. new things, old things, all the same things in a different way - fading in and out like movie titles - expanding the feelings, heightening the reasons, is there ever an OK reason..

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