Friday, April 6, 2012

Mixtape Trouble Clefs

the disgusting entities of a mixtape that has you figured out before you even considered yourself for some configurations. the process of tapping into your senses when you're senses are just fine, clearly not, sudden pain and happiness, a twisted mix matched oasis of everything you've ever felt, recognized and unrecognized, sits on the surface of your skin, screaming for attention. the trouble clefs of the naughty mixtape, sudden probing your troubles. knifing your ears with a percussion you longed for while your worries are now bossing your soul around and you are immediately reminded to think of everything you've never wanted to think about. and the dial on the mixtape falls off and you are slowly cut up into little elements of music and thoughts a dirty mix of hate and love, want and need, dont go there - but too late, it's up too loud now.

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