Sunday, April 8, 2012

Searching the Weather for the Souls of our Beloveds

The sudden losing for those around you, pretending to know but each system unadaptable, each system not making sense to one another. Sure, it happens but it surely is not the same. Inevitable, yes. Tragic, yes. Different, entirely on a level that we cannot consummate because of the ever differences in us to them, them to us, everyone linked to each other, together and separately. All so different. Searching the weather for the souls of our beloveds. Lost and hearty so lost and heart. Shipwreck, I am a mess of sudden emotions. The need to stay and go are equally pressuring. Pressure me to do something, I am out of touch. I do not belong with these thoughts inside me. Take me to a place to see, for my eyes have left me, returning dusty. A haze of what is what and I am so far gone.

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