Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Demolition Dank

distant yourself from me. divide yourself from all of this. devise a plan so dangerous you are willing to go all out and sort of dank to get rid of it's meanings. enjoy the state of demolition you have entered, dissolve into the being that is suddenly pricking your skin with urgency to become. become, i dare up. dance within the runway of all that is wanting you to divulge your secrets, dig a little deep, a little darker, a little more. in need of a doctor note, some sort of answer to all of the questions and a little light on the sidewalk to keep from all the stumbling. don't stop, do more, go the extra mile or five. double or nothing take it all. the talk isn't cheap, the drinks will be poured, keel over on the floor - whatever you do don't head for the door. put a fight, stand you ground, not even strand of sounds will break your concentration, you've got this covered. do more, do more louder. 

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