Monday, April 2, 2012

Take Your Silhouette With Me

There was a time when the time didn't matter and all we had were each other and the days all morphed into one because we'd stay in bed, never seeing the sun. There was a day when I didn't move my limbs out of bed because the ground was lava, and I wasn't even twelve, I just liked the idea that I was safest there with you, and choose not to break the comfort with any movement. There was an entire week where all I ate was candy, gummy eggs for breakfast… gummy hotdogs for lunch… little gummy coca-colas after work, I'd throw back a few with you. There was a month when I didn't even realize it was that particular month because everything was perfectly lined up with you. There was a moment when I'd see you through the window and just want to cut you out, in the glass, and take your silhouette home with me. There was an hour I listened to you sleep, another hour I watched, and another hour I laid awake beside you as the rise and fall of your breathing slowly rocked me into dreamland.

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