Sunday, April 8, 2012

Sensations in Your Landscape

the tell tale signs that everything is happened, open the eyes, taste with the pupils - the sensations in your landscape. scrape the bottom of the barrel and stand a little taller, retrieve whatever you are looking for and become a little bit brighter with the impulsion of all the realism that is making sweet sweet love to your eyes. fucking vision - you've got it. savour the moments, little tiny pictures being taken with each rapid blink. the back and forth motion of this and that, you feel it - work it. indulge, dive a little, get a little close, relish in the being, the state of being - just being, isn't that so easy, wasn't so hard now, was it? ask the questions, with the silent flick of each eyelash engulfed in all around you, everything around you. around around, your eyes haven't seen it all. smell the vigour, with your eyes? get that out of your eyes - step up, step down, tilt the perspective, what are you waiting for now - blink, it won't go away. blink. blink. blink. 

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