Friday, April 6, 2012

Our Ideas Disguised as Fluff

seems like we're burning up the ideas for boarders and matching them to the ideas of sparks and everything is suddenly burning up, all fast and glittery, and we'll admit, we don't even mind - not one bit, not one bit at all. the turning tables of everything you thought wasn't actually turning, burning up - burning up. the drive to the fire and roasting all the wonderful marshmallows, our ideas disguised as fluff, might be actual fluff, but we burn it all up, keeping it all beautiful, and in shock in awe, we love the way our dark demons are suddenly illuminated by our action of "tossing it into the fire" we shouldn't, but I'd hold your hand, and jump in with you. what do you say? wanna jump in the fire with me. let's jump, fire jumping with all our fluff.

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