Saturday, August 11, 2012

A Perfect Pint of Happiness

Allow the experiences to fill me, real close to the brim. 
A perfect pint of happiness, this summer surely has been. 
Different kind of sunshine, has shown us all new things. 
Different kind of nights, pushing and pulling different kinds of wings. Fleeing the coup and basking in the adventure. 
Finding treasure in your eyes, we are pirates – wild and alive. 
Seeing new places and welcoming everyone, grabbing 
for the flutter of everything around us. Listening to the water capsize on the hearts of everyone in the flourishing scene. Mending the closeness and laughing while trying to keep it sand free. Burry me at the beach but don’t forget about me, allow the earth to cool my sun baked skin, let the clouds get me high and don’t let me forget. Autumn is coming and I can’t say I am sad, welcoming the change into the one helluva great summer we had.

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