Friday, August 10, 2012


People associating hope with light.
I’ve seen the lights in this club and there
Is no hope for the people below them.
Believing in their flashbulb heaven,
there is no redemption for their sins.
The siren of the ceiling begging them to dance.
Making their skin look so lucid, eerie, heavenly.
They believe they will do the right things, 
with all the wrong people. The wrong people
Believe they will find good in all the other people.
There is no hope in the lights of this club.
I’ve seen the gluey eyed people losing their
Clothing under these bulbs, believing in a power
That doesn’t believe in them. The electricity bill
Not paid to reverend the souls but to condemn them
Into overfilled black pockets which will call to them
In the night, like sirens of the sky, begging them
To take the plunge.
To take the snort.
To take the poke.
A divine revelation under the flash bulbs, in a club called Heaven.

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