Thursday, August 9, 2012

The Big However

There is a certain breaking point. 
And even though the point was never 
made, never fully grasped, it was 
definitely smudged, blurred right in 
the middle and worked it's way to 
each end, and now it is broken. 
The point has been slashed and is 
emendable now, it is a concrete stone 
but only in it's weight. it weighs heavy 
on the idealistic of everyone involved. 
Slowly, people start making up their minds. 
They make up little groups and clubs. 
They have meetings and rituals, they have 
a hit list, and that point, the 
mangled point, and everyone who revolted 
differently towards it, stood up for 
different entities of is.. are on that 
list. The calm, cool, and collective 
group, not eager enough to fall down 
anymore, not willing to get in trouble 
with a high sense of government because 
the other social class, does have the 
power to do so, when we could in fact 
erase you, cut your electronically 
enraged footprints off the face of 
the digital world, and black ball you. 
Wasted efforts, not in the sense of 
what would be accomplished, but for 
the mere fact that there is nothing to 
stand up for, for all the beings that 
once could work with creative differences 
have all become carbon copies, nothing 
creative,  it has all seeped out of their 
fingertips into a world of messages 
and punctuation used to express the 
feelings on faces, now results in empty 
friendships, empty hates, empty dislikes. 
Then there is an olive branch, 
A dissolve of conversation. 
A decision made based on others, the loving ones. 
There is a stand in the chaos. 
And we let the words, the bullets, settle. 
Not near the heart, but in the past. 
And we decide to come closer. 
To be careful and to be fun. 
We decide that things happen, 
And things cannot be undone, but 
They can be settled, with small 
Acts of indifference, so we no longer 
Damage, the other people in our lives. 
And friendships become fuller, hates resolved, 
And likes become greater. 

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