Sunday, August 19, 2012

I Could Be Your Pain Killer

There's a place in the woods where these wild daisies grow 
and I always had a feeling it had something to do with you
They're centers are the same colour as your hair use to be, 
and the way they move in the breeze is the same way 
you use to fall when you were half drunk and wanted me.
You left our town in the winter months, and I was instantly colder.
I heard many things had happened to you, and that you had 
traveled a lot further than you had ever mentioned..
They told me you weren't coming back and I didn't know what to do.
I heard about the accident, they say the pills just fell right into your grasp.
I thought the same thing about me, I could've been your pain killer.
Someone told me you had been out here where the mountains are high and the clouds low.
I didn't know it had happened here until I saw those daisies and missed you instantly.
You had layed your head down in the rush of the wood, escaping the world
in a secret paradise, where we use to go.
I wish you would've told me you had been around the world and back.
So we could both lay in the rush of everything.
Silently killing ourselves.
Silently killing each other.

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