Monday, August 20, 2012

A Thought to Think Of

I found it hard to believe you weren't thinking. 
I found it hard to believe because I couldn't stop thinking. 
You were always there in the forefront of my mind. 
Doing your little hula hoop dance, it was hard to try and stop thinking 
of you, and every counter thought brought me right back to you. 
I found your excuse invalid, not because I thought you loved me. 
In that moment I think you thought not to love me, to find my flaws and act on them. 
I think I was there, all along, and you made moves. 
The wheel just above your eyes was turning in fact. 
Unless that is your superpower I never knew about. 
So perhaps you can now stop thinking, like before, and stop trying to get me to think of you. 
You've left and I still can't stop. 
I was here and you could've stop. 
But I'm not going to stop, just going to stop thinking about your goodness.

I'm going to give these thoughts a thought and align them with all my other thinking.
self destruction.
the power of the mind, taking it's time to think out the exact revelation of meaning. 

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