Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Doctor Horoscope

Someone decided the stars could all line up and make a meaning out of you. How, so far up in the sky, in a place so close to Heaven or something, can there be a definition for you.. And here on solid ground, where the gravity is deafening and the air thick we cannot seem to locate ourselves, lost among all the other lost souls. In the space, located next to the twinkling gases and unmarked planets and systems there seems to be your personality, floating. It lives without gravity, without air and yet here, and now, these things are of the most importance to us. We cannot survive without it, but up there - somewhere up there - we survive with everything, it seems to know us better than we will ever know ourselves.. I couldn't tell you if I am humorous and obsessive, but the stars seem to know exactly how I am in any given situation. Who are these Star Doctors? Where did they get their degree, and what is the latitude and longitude of my temperature today, right next to the sun, 
saying about me?

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