Thursday, August 23, 2012

Like a Senior Would Tell the Weather

There is a sliver of marrow inside my bones that can feel when you are near. 
It aches when you go, not my bones, but that marrow that lays there within. 
There is a weight that seems to grow within all my bones when I am deep in thought. 
I feel this weight slowly set sail within my entire being. I feel myself, get heavier. 
My heart begins to sink and there within the roads of my mind, I try to escape. 
There are holes, I have punched, in my atmosphere, feeling caged. I am trapped. 
There is no escape route outside of my skin, I cannot unzip it, I cannot let you in. 
However, you found a way, through my pupils or ears or chapstick perhaps. 
You've gotten to the very depths of my bones. 
That is where all my thoughts of you reside. 
Within the sliver of marrow, within the bones that hold me together. 
You've become a deeper part of my way of thinking. 
I can feel you in my bones, like a senior would tell the weather. 
You are apporaching with great passions, and this couldn't be better.

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