Sunday, August 26, 2012

My Topography / The Equator of My Bed

I lay on the equator of my bed. 
The vertical line of my rectangular canvas. 
I am divided into continents. 
My topography from the ceiling appears to be that of a lightening bolt. 
The tip of my toes, create the south, pointing to the edge of the sheets. 
Following upward, to the knee, appearing in the fourth quadrant a country of sturdiness. 
Sweeping up the coast, to my naval, a region that rest perfectly against the line of symmetry. 
The jut of my breast appears as an island in the second quadrant, an island you'd like to visit. 
Along the coast of my elbows, you can follow the length of my arms to the tip of my clasped hands. 
They rest high in the second quadrant and you could easily travel to and form both hand and breast. 
A quick jaunt of togetherness through a wave of comforter and heat. 
Down the valley of my arms, tracing up the length of my neck, don't hesitate to plan a rest on the canvas of my face.
Explore my eyes, my lips, and my mouth, the ridge of my hair line. 
The north will provide you with warmth, burrow in my hair. allow the fullness to protect you. 
Take the trail, down my neck, and enjoy the view from the first quadrant as you appraoch the ladder of my vertabrea. 
Take the steps down the curve of my back, towards the bottom of the first quadrant. 
Tired? Stop and sit on my hips, rest. 
Along the smooth curve of my rear, follow the length of my leg and explore the backs of my knees. 
Slide down my calf and into the third quadrant preech yourself within the structure of my ankles. 
If ambitious, cross my topography to my core. 
Follow the beating and the rise and fall of my chest. 
Explore the land and settle there, with the warmth of me. 
Warming you.

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