Thursday, January 5, 2012

Adolescent Tributes

A change in tide, no weather approaching.
And you thought it was nothing but bliss.
A change in affairs, and the order of eruption, soon losing it's flair.
The charging of anger, at the site of new things, and the old sparks just the same.
Releasing the toxins that muddy up minds, late into the morning.
Nothing good about the beginning of the day,
what is cloudy in the sun takes no warning in the shade.
Swimming into a a tidal wave, looking for the calm within the storm.
Looking at the differences, what is right is wrong and wrong is right.
What is the time, always seem to be misplacing it in vital moments.
Moments that are scattered on walls like posters, with peep holes, looking in.
What do you see, other then the colours of frustration…
Mini bullets to the substance that elapses on fervent rest..
Nothing can be put to rest.
No soap opera, but we are young.
Tired some adolescent tributes, to rock bands and games.
Everything thought to a catchy tune.
Always asking questions, but never the actual questions we questions.
Inquiries of the, I already know.
The knowing of everything and nothing at the exact same time.
This is not what it appears to be.
This is exactly what it doesn’t look like.
Looking like something entirely of a different shade.
Stuck in the shade,
Decisions made in darkness are rethought on sunny mornings.
Stay away from the sun.
Vampire complex.
Everything, including biting, going on - no blood drawn, but it sure feels like it.

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