Tuesday, January 10, 2012

And, Sorts

and right now is really happening, 
for all the people. and right now is really stretching a little bit further. and right now is all differentiated by the technicalities of everything indifferent. they say, you say. i said,  this was already said. and right now it is very bright,  very clear, so very dark.
edges, smoothed and we cannot see the crease. where to begin, where to sleep?
and right now the music is just playing.
and right now that cars have all stopped.
and right now we don't dare blink, but we're daring each other to blink.
blink. blink. blink.
like gun shots, but we're in peace.
and right now nothing is what it seems.
and right then everything was exactly as it seemed.
and right after, push push push, question pushing.
and right now, are you sleepy?
and right now.
and right never.
and never never right.
the streetlights are zooming by.
we want to stop and touch them.
capture their lights with flashes of other lights.
smiling like we've got all the might.
might this.
and right now, might that.
and right now everything is exactly as it seems. 
exactly as it seems.
no illusions.
everything is right.
and right now, everything is exactly as it seems.
disastrous things.
and right now, everything is exact.
exactly, as it seems.
it seems to be exactly the way things are exactly going to be.
this is exactly it.
indifferent, differences and exactly the different sort of different.
sorted out.
everything sorted out.
distorted sorts.

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