Thursday, January 26, 2012

Medium Rare

An undetermined amount of rareness has come into the heart. The heart of medium rare. An bad attempt of adaptation from reality to screen. The viewers of another world, looking at us. Us, like this, might be choking. But then again, they don’t feel the feeling of the heart sharply beating against the chest, so they might just be engorged in a massive amount of junk food, feeling some other unhealthy kick in their chests, and not the fluttering of thoughts that have slowly shuffled from the head to the chest, but we can feel it. Oh, we feel it. In another place, the creatures are trying to find us in other creatures. Just like we are trying to find ourselves in one another. Creatures. Looking at us. Us. Looking at one another. We all just want the rapids of our hearts to swell and crush, devour each other, but we are so safe. Safely hazardous beings in a hazardous world. And we don’t even mind, we don’t even mind.

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  1. Oh my God I've been searching these original sexy sweaters so long and now i found them, I want them all