Thursday, January 26, 2012


Stop my unpostable heart from beating because I can no longer look at the paper trail, the electronic foot note that has accompanied my emotions thus far. Please shut it down, the incurable stammering of something within my soul that is sometimes described and validated with words, erase them, do not copy paste and save them, erase them. Backspace up on them. no proof, but there is proof, from the vocal cords that said them, linked to the brain that thought them and the heart that created them and felt them first. Cyber world has my heart on lock, an open cave to explore and rip apart. Stop the beating of my unpostable heart, save this as a draft because your not quite sure if I mean it this time, but I do. The heart cant take the constant upload, sync, rewind, photo shopped madness that continues to pay within the tentacles of it’s beat, the interlocking molecules, linking me. Women or robot. Women robot. I cannot understand, reboot. Forget this place, forget the time. do not save, waste of time.
Stop the beating of my unpostable, paperless heart.

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