Sunday, January 29, 2012

Can I Get an Operator

the turnstile are detecting my whereabouts. quiet now, i am trying to get out. the subway car seems to be doing it's rounds and taking me back to where i came from. why. wont. it. let. me. go. the lights have al clung to red, stopping me from crossing the street, i turn to go the other way and as fast as i can blink, they have shot to red too. the red is killing me. it doesn't match my shoes. why wont they let me go. the internet is down, just for me, no tickets to bookings no hospitality. the cars are all out of gar and my license wont last, my shoes have no soles so what am i to do with mine, they wont let me go. the train tracks have all disconnected and propellers have gone a missing and there is no way out for me to go, no where out for me to go. no way out. no way out. the gate is closed. waiting for the operator. where is the operator. hello, operator? can i get an operator. i need to find a way out. can i get an operator, tell me how do i do it, how do i just get out.

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