Sunday, January 22, 2012

Anger is Common With One Another

We're set up like a family and we don't listen to the parents. Eating and laughing and oh were sleeping. Sleeping through each others lives with one another, no sexual contact, no incest. Just sleep. And we're cohesively a wreck. A helpless wreck of salaries, education, feelings, thoughts, an emotions. We want. We get angry. With one another. Anger is common with one another. We miss. Miss out on each other and miss one another. We bond through pizza and trivia. We want. We like. The company of each other is like a well played song. We drink. Drink and be merry. Never making merry. We don't make merry. We swear to drunk were not god. We go. Go go go. On adventures. We punch numbers. Spend numbers. Drive numbers. We are a televised unit. To some other planet. Watching us. We are their sitcom. We are a family, we eat pizza. No incest. We are a unit. A televised unit, each playing our role. Our role. A unit. A family unit. We are. That's just the way we are. Together. All of us. Together. Again.

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