Sunday, January 29, 2012

Release. Undertow. Inhale.

the release.
the ticking time bomb, stopping with a few seconds to spare.
the inhale of the heaviness.
the exhale of the heaviness.
the conditions of everything.
the undertow of the ocean.
the bottom of the tea cup.
the bottom of the ocean.
the depths of all the pockets.
the length of soul.

the measurements of lipstick on the rim of the bottle.
the height of the heels.
the shortness of the skirt.
the buttons unbuttoned on the shirt.
the looseness of the tie.
the closeness of the tie.
the depth.
the height.
the conditions.
the undertow.
the inhale.
the exhale.
the stopping.
the buttons.
the closeness.
the measurements.
the pockets.
the release.

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