Thursday, January 5, 2012

Disable My Embrassement

And I can't help but stay focused on your polar bear eyes, then again it might just be all the cola. I'm inching closer and you don't seem to mind. Can't say that I apologize. Crumbling like pastries and the news flew through my mind like fire flies, the brightest thing since summertime. Warm though, just the same. Back to sand holes and underwater tackles but I can breath under the ending sinking feeling. The sound has slowed and the madness is purely of overjoy and not linked to a sell or trade of inappropriateness. But let's be. Let's just be inappropriate now. The ability pulled from the stone like that kids sword and who knew the desire he must've felt with the canvas of nothingness. New game. Restart. To be or not to be that is a question we no longer have to throw at one another. To just, just. Nothing. The clear coat on a different land and I do feel rather flung into a memory of things I said and shouted things I meant then and mean more now. Things I persisted with a heart I didn't think I had, but proved to myself that I do possess such a heart and filled inside are things I didn't expect to find. Not sure what held onto the particles that seemed so far fetch and not to sure where the connection to disable my embarrassment and substitute it with the kind of honesty I only pen and never speak. The type of affection I never show just vent but now I am a portrait of a caring person. Mirrored eyes and I see me. That sure is me. Strange in a different kind of way. No longer running back and forth like a road runner. You probably already know but I could show you or pen you a piece of paper imboding a letter of sorts. You already know, but in case you forget. I think the world of you.

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