Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Recovering -holic

The difference between us is there is no us. 
You are you, a separate entity of everything I am. 
Everything I will become, has nothing to do with you. 
I may have made decisions based on experiences that 
Dealt with you and your insignificant charm, but the dog days are over. 
A recovering -holic of some mystery product. 
No more relapsing, easy trend waters. 
The different beween you and I. 
Well, that is a different in general. 
You are you. 
I am I. 
Your Lisa Frank IQ, won't colour my world.
And all the colour in my world isnt water based, so go ahead and cry.
Not messing with my fung shway. 
You are such a meatball. 
The similarity is the relative care. 
The care that is so misleading. 
The miss, I am no longer, because I am not leading. 
The miss you try to become, but cannot succeed without lady parts. 
Therefore, no one is missing out on the leading. 
The leading is done.

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