Sunday, January 15, 2012

Hanging Passion on the Walls

The creative persuasion for this haven, got me building walls, walls worth saving and on these walls I'm hanging my passion, a passion that isn't worth the masking and your not worth the time if your looking for a cover up, searching for loop holes in the work because you think ill give it up but I am no virgin and that cherry has already been popped so this right here is all real no strut. Straight shooting energy, this art is saving me and the creativity is impeccably, timely. The crisscrossed fire of bungee jumping ideas nose diving into drugs and stuff because we need something to blame and not just reality even though this reality is a real trip. A trip, have you tripped? You're tripping again aren't you? The life time supply of sex drive in the end zone and somebody call the shots, somebody make the play.

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