Saturday, January 21, 2012

Departing Sounds

the departing sounds, never happening quite as quickly as you want them to. departing. to depart. is it time to go yet? anticipation on the time. time to leave, but time keeps coming. creeping up, like those on electronic profiles and secrets, time. what a creep. departing words of wisdoms, things that should be said, polite things, made up things, things meant to be said at the departing time of departing. to go or to stay, to go now or to stay a little longer only to leave a little later. to depart. time. time to depart. the departing cause of eruption of other departing things, all deciding to waiver on the departing deportation of the time. the right time to go, the wrong to go. everything ultimately falling on the closed doors, foot prints, empty cups left behind..  cups filled with depart. doors closing, closing in on goodbyes. cars leaving, veering into other ways of leaving into other places to go and then to decide to leave those very places behind. to go or to stay, not the real question of the sort, but when to leave and for how long to stay before departing, in any given situation; the relationship, the argument, the birth and death, the party and the night. to stay in the night till the night leaves and the sun comes only preparing to leave too. or leaving before the night has the satisfaction of leaving you and waking into the midday, only to leave morning in the dust of the past. to leave. yes. yes to leaving, but when, when to depart.

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