Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Legs On Time

mind to the bullet and i am all out of triggers. mind on fire, but there are no bells ringing. time running out, where did time get these damn legs from. mind with a compulsion to really blow it. dancing on glass because we like the way it sparkles. cracking at the seems because we don't have anywhere to be, and time can march her lovely legs right on over to me. your so sexy when you make me work, work work for the time. the time is all work and i ain't got a dime. the time swelling like a capsule, and all i want to do is pop it. straight to my blood stream, inject it. wicked pair of a legs and you asking me for the time? so distort, out of my mind. you're so hot hot, you might be a dime, but look again, you're just wicked time.

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