Thursday, January 5, 2012

Impregnating Classifications

Words, packaged between strums and hums. Heartbreak, made danceable. The apparent washed out sadness of everything but happiness and yet it makes you sway in a delicate manner. The sealed secrets of upbeat tempos linked to collectible moves and often charges the powerful drive of the sexuality. Minty aroma from the speakers of fun and firecracker drops felt throughout your hair. The out of style romance, in the stirring white noise of a song, the radio encouraging you to sing along. The sudden change in mood when inflicted with the razor blade smoothness of the harmonious voice. The impregnating classifications of the repeat. The silly girl giggles on the far left hook. Rock star pants and lots of sparkle, shouting words that should be sung, singing parts that haven't begun. Changing ideas in the middle of a solo. None of this stuff is meant to be alone. You find it in the moment when your looking for something to believe in. Belief knocked out by sound, you're totally feeling it.

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