Monday, January 30, 2012

Bye Bye, Pretty Psychedelic

the wrenching suffocation of everything that is bombarding the workings and writings of everything before; then and now. the smog is clearing our problems, what we cannot see isn't really there .. the ups and the downs. pulling you under. hands, you cannot place, pulling you down. the exact moment of highlighted beauty, shock waving your senses into a otherworld, similar to immortality and you start to do things you never would because your fear of death has dissolved like an ecstasy tablet on your tongue. bye bye pretty. paying for the antidote, but there is nothing you wont, and the smoke is a beautiful cotton candy heavy settling on your clothes, wear it around town like you own the place. sincerely, your belongs, which you own none of. nothing is yours and everything is yours and by the time you decide to put up a fight for something breakfast will be cleared and no midnight snack for you. educated idiot, filled to the brim with shut eyes, shut lenses, shut smiles. the hallucinations begin to fall on the openness of your eyes and now what. no reality, you discarded the present. drowning in a self made bubble of intoxicating hatred, psychedelic.

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