Monday, December 5, 2011

Back Off My Scribbles

it's all scribble, everything i've got to say and i'm not sure you want to know or if you care for it at all but it's true, it's all true and my truths might just be scribbles. gradually making sense to me, the writer, making so much sense to me, i scribble and scribble and i feel the emotion, the emotion within me, spilling out, i feel the scribble. you want to read it, dont you? you beg you eyes to stay away from it because just like your lips want to kiss me, your eyes want to see my truths, my scribble but i beg you just the same, turn away and don't look at this.. cope another way and turn away from my scribble. vacation to a far away place, please. a place far from me would prevent your eyes to see my scribble and prevent your mind off the truth, my truth. you aren't sober nor drunk enough to handle the impact of these scribbles and there is no crayola hue to make you feel better about the stunning impact they are effecting you, so simple solution to make this lighter on you, to make this feel better for you and i dont care, i cant. i cant help but not want help - and the truth is here, in this scribble so turn off your ears and stop studying my attempt to make sense of things for myself, i cannot take care of you because i cannot take care of me and the time well spent on these scribbles mean the entire world for me and nothing to you and maybe something to you, a tad chunk of something but i wont admit the truths to you in any other form except these scribbles. these things, they exhaust you? if you really wanted to know i would scribble something for you to breathe in, and i would take a second to make you feel better about it but i cant and i wont, and you wont stop and i have to stop... to suggest my scribbles would make you feel better is a lie, and i wont lie to you, stop here. go no further. my scribbles will not comfort or accompany you - they are the dark side of everything, am i killing your joy and i putting a plastic bag on your hope because these scribbles will continue and they wont quit, and you've been warned, back off my scribbles.

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