Monday, December 12, 2011

You're Fire, I'm the Bomb

Almost immediately, the satire of your shock settles into the cushion of your brains. You don’t want to inhibit these traits where you body is constantly pushing and pulling itself towards and then no longer towards the same direction that keeps dragging you in and spitting you back out. I have become the emotional spit up on your bib of life. Your behavior repels me as much as it attracts me. I am just as messed up as you are, in different ways, but we’re one and the same, just as messed up as one another. Be kind, don’t rewind, and move forward with me. I’m hoping to adapt this sort of discomfort, uncanny is slightly frightful, but I don’t want to totally walk away from a situation I’ve decided to keep myself saturated in. ignoring the ignorance, only makes me just as ignorant and allows me to receive the ignoring nomination of a silent game we decide to play, falling in and out of the game, in and out of teams, in and out of your heads where things seem okay only to be detonated by things that aren’t okay. You’re fire, I’m the bomb. I have about half a dozen; times three, stretched over summertime’s; of information I want to share with you. Things I need to point out but I don’t. you think I would be a vampire, the amount of emotional blood I keep hording, sucking in and keeping within the valleys of my body to save a sinking ship. A vampire sailor. We’re so messed up. You feel the expansion of the pressure of all the absorbed movement within the entire core of your body and there is no amount of anguish I can conceal much longer, I can feel it overflowing my senses, and you are probably expecting me to pop the cork like a champagne at the worst of celebrations any moment, but I’ve been trying to really water down the actuality of my passion. The desire wearing thin. The motion sensor on this news flash is flashing like a suicide mission. I’m getting closer to going in and losing myself to the harsh wrath my words and feelings are about to present themselves. “Like” to be honest, I can’t help it much longer anyways.

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