Monday, December 12, 2011

Electronic Wisdom

The go go go of the decisions in this place have got me looking at you in a new light. A temporary guide of electronic wisdom, heart attack, don't fight back, this won't last. Look how beautifully you move. Weather dependent. We've become so condescending. And the condensation on these windows are the extracting qualities of our stop and go, go and stop, going going... We can't stop. A sad song soundtrack on a different type of emotion, masked in something easily recognizable but we aren't going to recognize. Strange times in the bed head rendition of what's mine is mine and what's not mine is still mine in the way of greed and filth, greed and filth, different and the same, we're so different yet on the same page. Strumming information into a system that wants to shut down and go. Did you hear? Are you coming. Shutting down and leaving. We're going. Going. Gone. Are we gone yet?

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