Saturday, December 24, 2011

The Calendar to Be, to Be the Calendar

I wouldn't mind a little cheap Monday for you and I. im saving a sunny Tuesday so you can do something bold.. you should really try it out because the time isn't now, the leaves are falling and baby snow is coming so it'll be cold, you wont want to do it then, but a typical, Tuesday, well throw in some sun, do the things I know you want to do, but are always buckling out of. Wednesdays involve drinks and my fingers slip and touch and usually tell im so far gone within the bottom of glass and the tidbits of revealing information within my mind I go off and tell you things. Thursday, lets just be. Naps are wanted like vacations. Friday are fit for frenzies, and often we are comfortable, the same smile and eyes, and hair, and I cant help but just want to be there, is it Friday? Saturday is a hit and miss for us. Like a hit and run more like it, we say things and go away, we do things we shouldn’t and go away and Sunday morning we sometimes lay there awake, and silent and slowly, say things to one another and hope the sun doesn’t move anymore to keep all the others sleeping still. And Sunday daytime, is a typical life, we do things and say things and eat meals. But this is the calendar baby, the days are marked, im waiting for you to take the plunge and do the things your surely don’t want too, physically, the things your dying to do within in your mind. The calendar to be, to be the calendar.

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