Saturday, December 24, 2011

Forgive Me, New Year

Lace me up and lace me down. I want to dye, the contours of your mind, with the vibrant bow ties that strangle mine. Dance with me under the moon and let the goblins disappear into the horizon of our nightmares which soon enough will make our dreams and then nothing but sugar will we eat on top of everything, no mistake. Interacting and exchanging glances, this is the time to fight the battle, the longest yard is coming up, and we can make it if we try. Twist and shout, this is not a dance move but what we are good at. Take steps by two, rushing something that cannot be rushed on the lonesome platform of want, want is taking over the steps and suddenly everything and everyone are falling behind each other and themselves. Exhausted from talking about the wanting and wanting the want and what the want is wanting with all of this want for? Let me lace you up in pretty little things and share with you all of the things I don’t want you to have, a temporary moment of good gestures to sympathize with all of the intolerable things and adjectives I have in my pockets, like weapons, to use on you when I am feeling lower then low. How low are you willing to get before disguise everything into a party and making everything beyond righteousness. Forgive me New Year, for I have sinned and will continue to sin... Let me leave the good behind and work on the bad as I move forward into the sun and burn like to a crisp.

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