Monday, December 12, 2011

Comforters Seeking Comfort

Forget about the plans because we have much more under the pubescent lock and key. Waking up, the morning after nothings happened, and you can't tell if it was in your brain or through electronic communication that elaborated such lucid dreams of things taking place in and around your company. Why when I sleep are there suddenly projections of all the things I've thought of, done, wanted to do... And I'm measuring the angles and degrees and who cares when your that close to me. Sleeping beauty, let's just sleep, what a real thing to do. Awakening beside something you were just dreamin' about is this called dejavu? I never understood the mushy undertone until now and I am a stone. Linking. Sinking. Thinking. Waiting. Its happening, yeah, its happening without the movies and the songs and cards and pop songs alright, words weren't written down, no script, no timing - we've been working out the kinks. To sink or swim in the dream pool that fills up quick behind closed eyelids has got me ushering for pool noodles and clinging to comforters seeking comfort in hand holding.

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