Saturday, December 24, 2011

Our Ship Just Wrecked

You are a fire, and our ship just wrecked.
I can’t get enough of all of this chaoticness.
I want to get burned, that’s why I stand so close.
I have a strange addiction to the glow or perhaps to you the most.
I like the way it singes my fingertips.
I pull away quick only to get closer for a better glimpse.
Always thinking way too much into the flame.
This use to be a pretty solid game.
Every once in a while, the guard begins to falter.
We don’t seem to mind the things that suddenly become altered.
Searching for vodka to put out the flames,Only to heighten the degree of the heat, Mad messages leaving the hour glass,
Typing away like this might be our last.
You are a fire, our ship just wrecked.
Scream a little louder, I cant hear you yet.
And the things you choose to whisper, I am making a bigger deal.
Your iceberg ego has got you melting.
You are a fire, and our ship just wrecked.

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