Monday, December 12, 2011

Whip Lash On The Mistletoe

The sunrises and suddenly everyone is feeling a little more holiday. Holiday? Which way? That what? I am so astray. Feeling a little more legitimate, even though this all doesn't really fit, I keep trying to stay out of it and every body's way. The stifling cheer of the people so near, and they keep getting closer. Why does this new change of attitude pressure for exposure? Feeling a little legitimate in this boastful scenery, somebody please strangle me.. I am about to deck myself while you deck the halls, and I cannot go any longer with all these cheer and every once in a while I actually begin to submit, but like thoughts of you, bullets to the head, I snap back to reality and continue to hate the insanity. Tis the season to get naked, let’s get naked, no mistaken, tis the season to get naked. Whip lash on the mistletoe and suddenly we're all kissing everybody, and the feeling is legitimate so why not participate. I want to participate. Tis the season to get naked.

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