Saturday, December 24, 2011

Extra Strength Gum - I Am Stuck

Tell me exactly what you want to say. Better yet, tell them? I think I know more then I should and they know nothing of the sorts and it’s not really a bother anymore, but I would love to see the repercussions of you being honest with someone who is probably being honest with you. We’re lying in a false state of compromise, and you and I are so use to it. We’re so natural in the tangled web of sleeping disasters. Drop the marbles; I want to hear them spill. Is this killing you as much as it is surely killing me, because out sad moments are to be expected, the yelling and the anger, I don’t see it coming but when it goes off I am no further from “I told you so..” then I was before, but it’s the happiness that really gets me. Be honest. I know you get tripped no the extended version of the good times, they seem to be lasting longer lately, extra strength gum – I am stuck on you. I use to believe I needed saving from you, that you were totally the bad seed in whatever delicious fruit I was divulging my information too… lately I’ve realized how much saving I might need from myself. All the over thinking and underestimated and the anger, the anger you’ve probably noticed, well there is a lot more to this then you probably realize. Tell me exactly what you want to say, not to me, but what you want to say to them, and how it would make everything hard just kind of melt away and it would be sticky for awhile. The heavy weight, the awkward bedazzled release of tension that could slowly happen between the moments were we aren’t trying to swear each other, I sometimes try to swear you off but it’s so much easier to just sleep.

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