Saturday, December 24, 2011

New Numerical Change

A new numerical change and then suddenly people become really nice people. Is there something in the air that comes with the flip of the calendar change, a slight little one up on the clock of whatever and things begin to sparkle or something… the nonsense of the peculiar things, people walking under ladders but a swift change of calendar makes everything better. Clean slate? Not sure where this notion of devotion to the stars or the hallmark or whomever makes the organizers so organized, but a new year comes and people are smiling, people are excited for their start over… The idealistic attribute to this is that nothing major actually changes drastically, and if we could recall the new years giddiness in the heat of the summer then maybe break ups wouldn’t prick so much in the sun, or if the sudden optimism came in the not so glorified scene of anger and leaving and walking with the anger and the late night anger in the fit of darkness, if this lukewarm sense of being, slowly melted over the situation, and we could throw a new year bumper sticker over it would it really change everything. The weight on a new year, buckling at the knees and wavering on the mental instability of everything that is that much more harder in the state of rationality, but there is a light at the end of your tunnel, and apparently it is only for the one night, the couple of teetering hours of a new year. The glistening twist of that notion that keeps the ball rolling and don’t be a nice person if you aren’t a nice person, your wish of happiness on a new year, what is it to you, you never cared but there is a solid yellow monster on your back and he is hoping that with each wish to another, your new year will be the best or perhaps your last year. And sometimes, someone somewhere is hoping it might just be your last. No death, no peace, nothing lasting, and nothing disappearing. A simple state of New Year. The time is changing, and it’s going to change to you, drastically, tonight.

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