Monday, December 12, 2011

Your Moves Make Moves

Sleeping heads and smiling faces. Upset hearts and displaced mouths. Wobbly legs and an unforgettable grip. Patronizing eyes and amusing knees. Tantalizing hair, the sturdy sweep of the curl. Doe eyes and juicy lips. Lipstick shades to match your cheeks. The hard bits and smooth lines. The invisible cloak of charm and the washed out presentation of relief. Interesting poise, no poise at all, still interesting. Crooked teeth and crooked mind, crooked hour, crook. Peaceful slumber, daunting eyebrows. The grip; hands, mouth, teeth, fingers... The strength you've got and the strength you want. The moves you make and the moves you don't make. Your moves make moves, you're not moving and motions are being made.

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